On the 4th Annual Photomarathon (and winning an epic prize)

Last year’s Photomarathon was like a marathon indeed for me, after walking 10kms searching for photos. I wanted to take a different route this year, though due to mental and physical exhaustion from long hours of working I can’t say I really did my best or that I enjoyed the ordeal like I expected to.

But anyways, it was good sport, I made some nice photos and met some new people, so I can’t complain much. Especially when, in the closing ceremony (where the award winners were announced), I found out to my surprise that one of my entries got a commendation and another got an award! (Quote Borat here 😀 😛 )

This years subjects were:
1. Mother (It so happened that it was mother’s day on that Sunday)
2. En route
3. Letter
4. Illusion
5. Music
6. Symbol
7. Traces
8. Creation

Below you can see some of the shots I took during the walk (click on the first one to enter carousel view) :

I wanted to be a bit more creative this year, and stage most of the photos I’d submit, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for next year’s event. I started off by what seemed to be a nice idea, visiting the local nursing home, where I figured that I could get a candid shot of a maid taking care of an old person, for the “Mother” subject, and while the place there was fantastic, I arrived at a bad time and the only pair I found posed for me, thus ruining the ‘feeling’ of the shot I wanted. It all went downhill from there, and I tried visiting the St. Andrew’s church (the largest church in Greece and the third largest Byzantine-style church in the Balkans) for some inspiration.

Leaving the church and resting a bit on a bench, I made the winning shot; I screwed my NDx8 filter along with my polarizer on the lens and made a short exposure of 2 seconds, hoping to get some “ghost people” to submit the image for the “Traces” subject. All came along quite nicely, and as a fun fact, the person standing still leaning on a crook, is the guy I shot and told you about in my last post! Talk about karma eh?
The prize was this epic, 416 pages retrospective of Cartier-Bresson’s life and work, that seems to be a nice start to my photography books collection, don’t you think?

You can see all of the submissions and the winning images by visiting the Photomarathon’s page

Thank you, once again, for your visit!
Until next post,


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