On local history, archaeology, and amazing vistas right next to my door

Back in February, I took the opportunity of taking a tour (offered from a local volunteering group) of a little known archaeological site, just 7 kilometers (or 15 minutes) from the town center. It’s the one I told you about in my previous post.
The site’s close proximity should contribute to numerous visits from the locals, but yet sadly few of them are even aware of its existence. It amazes me (and embarasses me at the same time) that I didn’t know about it for so long…

I am always extremely interested in the local history, and this particular time period had eluded me so far. You see, the settlement I visited is dated back to 1500 B.C., having a life-span of almost five centuries, making it one of the oldest in the area. Imagine my awe, to step on (almost) the same ground, to see (almost) the same sights as the people that were on the same spot 3.500 years ago… And all this right next to where I grew up, mind-blowing. The view from the hill was unexpectedly amazing! You can see more on the history and details of the site and the Mycenaean civilization here.

The highlight of the tour was that our host was no other than Mr L. Kolonas, the man that leads the excavation himself. I trailed behind him like a puppy begging for treats, not wanting to miss a thing from what he was telling us. That interfered with my attempts to take any photos though (plus, the place was crowded that day from our visit), so I visited the site one more time, to satisfy my photographic thirst, with my (now ex-) girlfriend accompanying me for a wonderful photowalk under excellent weather conditions.
The gallery below is mixed, with selected photos from both visits.

As always, thanks for your visit!
Until next post,


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