On building courage, strangers and flea markets

I visited the annual flea market with a fellow photographer and good friend of mine, because I thought it would be a very nice opportunity to get some nice shots there. Plus, I believed that the company and the crowd would help me in getting over my shy self and stupid prohibitions, and thus I’d shoot unknown to me people easier.
The place turned out to be as promising as I had expected, we had a nice time and we left with some nice shots!


I only carried my camera with the 35mm lens on it, set at f/1.8 on Aperture mode. I had set Picture Control on Monochrome ( I am in a b&w mood as of late). Unfortunately, I had a cheap clear UV filter in front of the lens, and it produced some ghosting and flaring, which I didn’t notice until I had returned home. Be careful when buying the cheap stuff!
Although I expressed my opinion that Gear doesn’t matter in my latest post, I also had some trouble with the focus (the lens was usually focusing not where I wanted it to), and later on my friend told me that my lens was quuuiiiite slow on focusing (which is true but it hadn’t quite bothered me until then).
That contributed in me missing some of the shots I tried to take, leaving me a bit frustrated, but I don’t complain, that’s photography, you have to click it or you’ll miss it…

Check the ones that made the cut, on the gallery below! You can leave comments in each individual image too!
(Click on the first image to view all in pretty carousel mode)

I hope you enjoyed them!
Thank you, as always!
Until next post,


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