On pleasant surprises, and unexpected turns of events

So, quite some time passed, once again, since my latest post, but many things have happened in between, and most of them were good things. Most importantly, more than 2 thousand and 500 (again, that’s 2500) photos were shot since that cat “accident” while shooting the lighthouse. Speaking of which, here is one of the few renditions of that shot, that I had promised you here, the first exclusive shot for this blog and my readers (yes, that means you, kind stranger) :

Patras Lighthouse

Patras Lighthouse during the blue hour (click to enlarge)

By the way, my bag isn’t smelling any more, too. Heh.

What I’ve been up to? Well…,
– I took two trips to Athens, where I

  • shot some nice shots of the Parthenon from Lycabettus hill,Parthenon in the Dusk
  • I did a shooting for some hand-crafted clay dolls of a graduate student of the School of Fine Arts for her portfolio and exhibition,Stellina's Clay doll
  • shot a live for a (super awesome/groovy) band called “The Deep Throat Sessions”,Deep Throat Sessions
  • got a couple of long-exposure shots of the shipwreck of “Mediterranean Sky“,Mediterranean Sky
  • shot another live performance that was held in honor of the great Mimis Plessas, where I had the chance to shake his hand,Plessas
  • shot this year’s Playmobil exhibition of the collector Dennis Vaggopoulos in Athens Metro MallPlaymobil '14
  • gave it a shot (pun intended) in street photography in the heart of the ever-busy Athens cityAthens Street Nat. Garden

-back in Patras,

  • shot a friend’s beast of a car, a heavily modded Audi S3Audi S3 Baris
  • visited, twice, the archaeological site of Voudeni just outside of the city, where there is a settlement and a graveyard from the Mycenaean era (1500-1000 B.C.)
  • shot a testing session of UoP’s Racing team formula car, the first electric formula car in Greece from the students of University of Patras (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics)UoP Racing
  • visited a gorgeous village just 45km away called Vlassia with a wonderful waterfallVlassia Waterfall
  • had some strolls on my own or with good friends around the cityEaster Dawn
  • took part in the annual Photomarathon from the local photography group “IdifosParticipation Number
  • shot cocktail drinks for a well known beach bar-restaurant in my area, for its new summer cocktail menu (sorry, no photo here, since I’m on a no-disclosure agreement)


Oh, did I mention that two of my photos (one of them in my 2013’s year recap) got selected among the best photos of 2013 among over 400 others from the photographic community of Foturion.gr ?
That was a real surprise for me! Check them out here!

Above all this madness though, the best part is that I reconnected with some old friends, made some new ones, and established some business connections.
All in all, I would say that all of the above is a very nice crop for a 3 month period!
But the new thing is, that I decided to devote myself a whole lot more on this blog. Almost all of the material mentioned above will be posted here gradually, and from now on all of my new endeavors will be posted here exclusively.
Why? I’ll get more in depth in regards to this decision on the upcoming post, that is already halfway written.
Once again, stay tuned, and thank you for reading so far!
Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did while making them!
Until next post,


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