On projects, commitments, and new ideas

I’ve always tried to avoid committing myself in a project (like a photo a day for a year), because it can get really annoying if you are not in the mood/don’t have time etc., and you feel miserable at the end if you haven’t accomplished your goal. Like I did, when I tried to capture all of last year’s Full Moons (and missed like, half of them).

I tried to start 2014 with an open-mind and stress-free attitude as far as photography goes, not wanting to start another project again, and let myself open to anything and make the most out of it.
But, while shooting on location in my town, I had an idea. Not for a project, per se, but for something like an ongoing collection of photos throughout 2014.

I really like my city, right? And I’d really love to try travel photography, so, why travel to other cities and not start making photos of my hometown first, trying to highlight its landmarks, customs, history, unknown places/facts, and natural or manmade beauty, through my camera, my viewpoint, and of course, my own style? The final result would likely be a selection of 10 to 15 photos, and ideally I could print them and make a little booklet out of them.

The good part is, that this is something that has no deadline, so there is no need to rush it, and I can revisit places I like again and again until I get the shot I want. No pressure! I also have the advantage of knowing the whereabouts, since I’ve always lived here, but I have to really apply myself in order not to make the photos look like snapshots from a 3-day long visit.

The bad part? I think, none! I really can’t find something wrong with this idea! The worst that could happen is coming up short, and at the end of the year not having the amount and/or quality of photos I’d like to have. But still, I’d have SOMETHING, either a couple of good shots (I already have one, the one that got me thinking about this, stay tuned for it at my next post), more experience, newfound information about my city, maybe new friends, who knows?

Let’s see how it goes, then!

I leave you with a photo of the pier close to my house, that I shot almost a year ago, not liking the result I got at the time, but giving it a revisit and a retouch on Lightroom during summer, being away from home and feeling nostalgic.




Until next time!


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