This blog’s manifesto

This blog is created with one purpose, and that is sharing my passion and thoughts. I’ve postponed it for far too long, but better late than never.
I started taking pictures in a beautiful marina near my house with my mobile phone, a year ago. Now, I’m trying to make photographs with my DSLR, usually in the same place where I began. I want to share these photos with everyone, not out of selfish motives, but mainly because art is meant to be shared (a nice further read on this here; “Is it art..”).
I’ve always wanted to document some spare thoughts too, just to take them out of my chest, but.. I’m not too keen on diaries.
This blog is perfect to combine both of these needs, quite nicely I think. So, be prepared for future posts, full of photos (stunning ones, or failed attempts) and text (description of the procedure of making a photo, or some random ramblings I want to get out of my chest).
I leave you, on this first posting, not with a shot I think is my best, but rather with a random test-photo I took just yesterday, only because I’ve spent countless hours in that place as a teen, just gazing (and maybe having some deep-thoughts), some times alone, other times with a good friend or a girlfriend.
I think that place and view will be sorely missed, if I ever move away from home…

Clouds over the mountains

Clouds over the mountains


6 thoughts on “This blog’s manifesto

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